Travel Light 10 Piece 7 Outfit

Mix and Match

Check out how I turned 10 Pieces of wardrobe into 7 different Outfits. This will cover your 1 week of get up for your business travel. We all know that going on over baggage will cost hefty fines. The counter attack for this? go traveling light. Pack ahead of time and make sure you bring items that can be easily mixed matched. If you are traveling on business, the list of items I have recommended below can help you go a long way.

List of Items for travel light 10 Piece 7 Outfit:

  1. White Long Sleeve
  2. Blue Long Sleeve
  3. Light Pink Long Sleeve
  4. Gray Chino Pants
  5. Dark Blue Chino Pants
  6. Dark Blue Suit / Sport Coat
  7. Gray Pullover
  8. Brown Leather Belt
  9. Brown Leather Wingtip Shoes
  10. Blue Tie (Rule of thumb: Neck Tie should always be darker than your Long Sleeve)