Top 5 Summer Office Look For Men


If you want to know what to wear at the office this Summer, read on because I will not only discuss the cool items to wear but I will also give you tips on how you can pull the look  that you want by getting that shirt that is perfect for you.

Did you encounter such problem wherein you just can’t find the right size of clothing for you? You want to copy a summer office look for men that you liked, but clothes you see at the mall don’t fit you the way you hoped it to be. Well, I have the same problem as you do. More often than not, I get a size that is either too big or too tight for me.

For me, Winter Office Look should be different from my Summer Office Look. But since it’s hard to find the right size of shirt, I often end up putting a jacket on.

Just recently, I found a treasure. The power of buying Summer Office clothes for men, just perfect for me. Imagine that you can buy a customized shirt that fits you in every way. Please read through this post and let me explain it to you in detail.

Top 5 Summer Office Look For Men

White Linen

1. Classic White shirt

Every guy needs a white shirt for every occasion. You probably need more that one of these. White’s can be worn several times and paired with different sets of trousers. For this summer look, purchase a White Linen that fits you well. If you are having problems looking for the right size, check out this LINK. I would recommend them due to the quality of items that they sell. Most importantly, I can give my own size! I mean really! I measured my favorite shirt and sent it over to them to make. How cool is that huh? As if I have my very own clothing designer. A very nice shirt that works well with either a suit or chinos for only $24.90.

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2. Floral Shirt

I have mentioned time and again that Floral shirts are summer must-haves. It adds that sexy fashionable look to any men. If your body type is not muscular or you are not very fit, you can still wear something like this. Trust me, I am on the bigger built. If you can’t find a size that looks good on you, I have good news, you can purchase one from a site that can customize depending on your body type. Best of all, they ship worldwide. Check them out on this LINK.

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Blue Linen

3. Blue Linen Shirt

They also say that blue is the best pick for job interviews. I have lots of blue shirts but I never had one with a linen texture. I was impressed on the package I got from tomandjey, the size fits me perfectly, the item arrived in as fast as 5 days (note that it came overseas) and I liked the way it was made. The texture was of high quality linen, the shirt was well sewed, and it was packed nicely.

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4. Printed Shirts

Sometimes it is good to set aside the plains. To create more style to your Summer Office look, I suggest get different printed variations. I am very picky in terms of the outfits I wear, but I find this design very appealing. I like that tomandjey can customize your order. If you liked the designs I mentioned earlier, I suggest you order in bulk as they offer free shipping on order over $200. This shirt only costs $39.90, as for me, I wouldn’t mind spending the mentioned amount as long as it fits me well and its of quality built.

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Blue Floral

5. Plain and Floral Combination

If you’re not comfortable wearing bold prints or designs, this is the best bet for your Summer Office look. It has only a touch of floral just to add accent to the total outfit. I always wanted to wear similar designs but due to lack of available sizes for my body type, it’s hard to have one. Good news for people like me is you can order one for yourself. I recommend that when you order, measure the size of your favorite shirt, this ensures you get the same fit when you receive your order. Also, one of the cool part is, you have the option of saving your size on their website, so you only have to measure once, unless you lost or gained weight, I’m afraid you have to do it again.


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