Socks To Spice Your Total Outfit – Check How


Socks To Spice Your Total Outfit – Check How

Socks are a small detail part of our outfit that can create accent to our total look. One rule we always hear is that your socks should match your pants, not anymore. It is fine to play with colors. We can wear serious outfits and style it with fun. The good thing about this is we can wear something striking without hurting someone’s eye.

According to fashionbeans, socks are a key in men’s fashion accessory. Yes, being sockless nowadays is cool but in case you really have to wear one, make sure you try out something different, pick something vibrant that can create fun in your sense of style.

Here are the 6 Suggested Styles that you can try:

1. Striking Plain

Plain Colored 5

Plain Colored 4

Plain Colored 3

Plain Colored 2

Plain Colored

Tie and Sock Match 3


Plain Colored 10

Plain Colored 9

Plain Colored 8

Plain Colored 7

Plain Colored 6