Mens Casual Friday Fashion Styles You Should Try


I love Fridays primarily because I get to wear anything I want. I have the luxury to set aside any of my formal outfits.  I can be in a totally neat casual Friday fashion. This is a simple guide that you can copy. This is perfect for teenage boys, college men, even for the working guys and for all fashion fanatics.

Mens Casual Friday Fashion Styles You Should Try this 2015:

1. Looking Light – Wearing T-Shirt and just plain jeans. Its all about buying the right fit. Guys usually buy the wrong shirt size, either 2 sizes larger or 2 sizes smaller.

casual friday 11

casual friday 3

casual friday 7


casual friday 4

casual friday 5

casual friday 1

casual friday 19

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2. Hot Button Down Blends – Wear button down short or long sleeves. Ensure you increase your collection once a while. You might want to invest more on checkered, plaids, flannels, floral prints, aztec and some plain ones. Any teenage guy would look gorgeous in this kind of fashion style.

casual friday 8

casual friday 9

casual friday 10

casual friday 13

casual friday 18

casual 2

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3. Jackets on – You can simply look sporty hip on a Friday. Do some layering with Leather Jackets or go for the denim jacket ones. For college men, you can wear a shirt with a suit, denim jeans and sneakers.

casual friday 15

casual friday 12

casual friday 14

casual friday 6

casual friday 17

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