10 Ways to Make Your Dream Girl fall for you


how to make a girl fall

Make Your Dream Girl fall for you

  1. Look Good – This is the first step to make dream girl fall for you. Be a better version of you. Start by dressing up right. I seriously prefer women who are cute but dresses up really well over someone who is so beautiful but looks untidy or weird. Invest in clothes that fit you well. Outfit or ootd (outfit of the day) should always be on point. Remember that everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway. Check out my suggested outfits for men at my mens fashion archive.
  2. Smell Good – Looking good isn’t enough, we need reinforcement and that is to always smell good. Trust me, this really works. This means you need to take a bath every day. No excuse! Because having good hygiene means a lot and speaks of you as a person. Buy a perfume or a cologne. Some of my personal preference would be Clinique Happy for men, Bvlgari Aqua, Lacoste Essentials, Issey Miyake. Any girl would love to hug and cuddle someone who smells right.
  3. Be Confident – confidence is the sexiest outfit you could wear. Be smart and funny. Who loves to be around boring people? No one. You will definitely look more attractive if you have the confidence in you, may it be swag look or classy, confidence is the key. Make her feel like she earned you. Walk in a room as if you are someone famous and the world is watching your every move.

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  • Be Interesting – One of the major turn offs is someone who keeps on saying negative things about themselves. I mean, common? You are selling yourself here for that special girl to like you, if you keep on saying negative things about yourself; you are driving away your chance on winning her. Engage in something that is cool. Play sports, play an instrument or be good at cooking. This means you have to be good at something interesting.
  • Give her space – stop sending dozen of messages. Wait for a response before you send a new one. Sending message blast would make you look so desperate. I remember dating this pretty girl, I sometimes make her wait on my responses trying not to look so eager to respond. Even if I wanted to respond in an instant, I engage myself in an activity to drive my mind. Sometimes girls love challenges too. Play hard to get but not too hard to get. This means that, you respond quickly to text messages at times but not all the time. I don’t know, jerk theory work sometimes. Remember that she is not a challenge to you; rather, you are a challenge to her.

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  • Let her do the talking – Ask her questions. Get to know her. Being mysterious adds excitement to that getting to know stage. Don’t compliment her at the onset of the conversation by saying she’s too beautiful; this would make her feel you are after the looks and not inner side of her. Get to know her and compliment her on her qualities.
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  • Be a good listener – Check how her day is going and listen to what she’s got to say. Be good at dates or names. Paying attention to her stories would show your sincerity. Remembering the birthday of those special to her like her family would mean you care about her.
  • Have a strong personality – women like men who are smart, responsible and tough. Be a gentleman and treat her right. Make her feel good being around you.
  • Don’t ever tell her you like her – well at least not just yet. Be more on action than in words. Leaving her guessing if you are courting her or not would give you a chance of being closer to her leaving that awkwardness feeling.
  • Let her know you are the picky type when it comes to girls – that way she would think there is something in you because of you having high standards. But of course, be sure that you have followed rules 1 and 2 (looking good and smelling good). You do not want to look funny aiming for the total opposite of what you look like.

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    Post comments! Let me know if it worked or not.

    make dream girl fall for you

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    3 Comment

    1. itsjustchar says: Reply

      I just wanna comment on #9. I think there is a downside if you keep your feelings in the dark. I mean, what’s the sense of you leaving the girl guessing? It might appear to her that you’re just flirting and she might think that you are giving her wrong signals. Some girls don’t like to make assumptions, even more so expectations for the fear of taking risks. Wouldn’t it be nice to verbally communicate point blank about how you feel for the one you are hitting on?

    2. admin says: Reply

      Im certain that it wouldn’t appear to her as flirting if the guy is taking action. Just like a common phrase “actions speak louder than words”. Making a girl feel special in every way and giving full effort will go a long way. That’s what I did to my wife. I visit her at work every morning, making her realize how she brightens my day and how I love being with her. By doing this, you would get hints if she wants you too or not because she will give you clues here and there if she feels the same way.

    3. itsjustchar says: Reply

      Mind you, there are women who are “insensitive”. Some don’t rely on actions anymore. Some need affirmation. Lucky you ’cause your wife wasn’t insensitive. Maybe she has a strong liking for you at the onset of everything. 🙂

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