9 Items To Rock Your Casual Look


Casual look or Street Style is one of my favorite get-ups because I am not limited with what I could wear. I could easily play around and wear anything I find comfortable. We normally stereotype people according to the way they dress up, so with that in mind, we need to spice up our sense of style a little bit.

Here are the 9 Items To Rock Your Casual Look:








accessories men

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bracelet for men1. Accessorize – The power of accessorizing can take an ordinary look to extraordinary (askmen.c0m)

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knit pullover

Knit Stripes


pullover with cargo pants

2. Pullovers – It can turn your look from simple to elegant.

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cardigan men

3. Cardigan – If you’re a man who’s never worn a cardigan you’re cheating yourself out of a useful addition to the wardrobe (realmenrealstyle.com)

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leather jacket

maroon pants men 2

4. Leather Jacket – It’s a timeless piece that will always see you through and NEVER goes out of style (fashionbeans.com)

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shawl collar with jeans




shawl collar jacket

5. Shawl Collar – It is the latest breed of cardigan that can make your look iconic.

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sweater 2

6. Sweatshirt – Perfect for Street fashion that captures the beauty of simplicity.

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plaid long sleeve

winter vest 2

7. Winter Vest – It makes your outfit remarkable.

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urban look

urban look 1

8. Denim Vest with Hoodie – Change your look from typical to superb.

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9.  Button Neck Henley – Shows your masculine and sexy side.



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