9 College Fashion Style for Men this 2015



I received several messages requesting more post on teenage fashion for boys this 2015. Thank you so much for everyone who sent me messages; rest assured I will do my best to tackle each and every topic you have requested.

If you’re about to head college, I’m sure you have been searching on what to wear, checking out the latest teenage fashion trends for guys. Well, read on as I talk about the 9 College Fashion Style for Men this 2015.

1. Classic Tee with Jeans – This never goes out of style. Simplicity is always sexy, it’s how you carry your style with confidence.

tee and pants

clean look


tee and tee

tee and jeans


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2. Sporty Look – Remember, girls love athletic guys.

sporty 7

sporty 6

sporty 5

sporty 4

sporty 3

sporty 2



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3. Plaid / Checkered Outfits – Plaid long sleeves are best for casual look for men. Yes, this is a cute look especially when you wear something that fits you best. Guys normally pick 2 sizes larger than they should. Always select your correct size to pull off this look. If you’re to ask me, I’d match it with Chuck Taylor or Vans!

plaid 3

plaid 2


my style

plaid long sleeve

good look


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4. Varsity Look – Even if you are not a school athlete, you can still wear and flash a varsity jacket. It is perfect for teens.


varsity look 3


varsity look 2

varsity look

varsity jacket

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5. Leather Jacket – Yes. I mentioned this several times. A leather jacket isn’t a garment, it’s a decision (details.com). Leather jackets are fancy but it will definitely rock your total look.

leather 7

leather 6

leather 5

scarf and leather


leather 4

leather 2

leather 3

leather 1

hot rock

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6. Jackets – If you cant invest in leather jackets, you can buy other styles like denim, hoodies, sportcoat and sweaters. Trust me, it’s all in the jacket. Wearing a jacket can remake your total look. A perfect men style for 2015 indeed.


jacket black




cool look

smart look

pop headphones

denim jacket


college look

formal college boy

jacket 1

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7. Plain Vest – I mentioned wearing vests in one of my previous post to rock your casual look for men. Yes, wearing a vest can turn your look from ordinary to extraordinary. This is one of my favorite fashion styles for teenage guys.

denim vest 2

denim vest

vest knit

winter vest

winter vest 2

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8. Wrap Around – One of the newest hip. Wearing long sleeves wrapped around your waist is another cool move. This is a good style for teenage guys (2015).

wrap on waist





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9. Preppy look – When you dress sharp, you think sharp (artofmanliness.com). This is a good time to prep yourself in dressing up for work after college. The preppy look is the typical get-ups for that casual office look for men.




long sleeves

smart look 1

sweater white black

vneck pullover

cardigan blue

sweater pullover

cardigan shawl




That completes our 9 clothing styles for teenage (college) guys.

What is your favorite look among the ones I have mentioned? Please leave me some comments.


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