8 Hot Ways to Wear Suit with Jeans


8 Hot Ways to Wear Suit with Jeans

I have read some websites that wearing suit with jeans is a big no-no. I totally disagree on this one. Yes, you heard me right, it can be pulled off. As long as you wear the kind of suit that fits you well, you can make it work.

1.Brown Sport Coat with Blue Denim Jeans – Notice the fit of his coat / suit, its not too small or too big, it just fits right. For this one, he paired it with a tan buck shoes that definitely matched the shade of the suit. This is yet another perfect office friday outfit.

styleguy-tumblr(photo credit: styleguy.tumblr.com)


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2. Brown Sport Coat with Dark Blue Engineered Jeans – The navy blue printed polo shirt blended with the brown coat easily. The Rayban clubmaster added the classy style as well.

fashion-ekstrax(photo credit: fashion-ekstrax.com)

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3. Grey Blazer with Colored Jeans – Grey can match any color. I liked the way he matched it with a blue colored jeans and a blue suede oxford shoes. He was able to wear something colorful without overdoing it.

mensfashionworld-tumblr(photo credit: mensfashionworld.tumblr.com)

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4. Checkered Blazer with Rugged Denim Jeans – This is a very hip streetstyle look. He managed to wear a blazer in a rugged way. He did some layering with the shirt, longsleeve and the blazer.

tetinotete-tumblr2(photo credit: tetinotete.tumblr.com)

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5. Black Suit with Blue Denim Jeans – This is a typical look that is very easy to achieve. I often see hot guys wearing white shirt overlap with black suit paired with slimfit jeans. I often see celebrities with this kind of look.

theygotstyle-tumblr(photo credit: theygotstyle.tumblr.com)

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6. Grey Blazer with Black Denim Jeans I liked the fact that although he is wearing jeans, it still looked formal. The layering is awesome, he matched small striped long sleeves with a black vest and a grey blazer to top the outfit.

mugenstyle-tumblr(photo credit: mugenstyle.tumblr.com)

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7. Grey Blazer with Light Denim Jeans I rarely see people wear light jeans with suit, but in this case, he rocked the look. I looks so neat and light.

preppysupply-tumblr(photo credit: preppysupply.tumblr.com)

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8. Black Suit with Brown Jeans – Another typical get up. We all know that white top, matches with white sneakers effortlessly. Brown Jeans are a must to own definitely.

mscareergirl(photo credit: mscareergirl.com)

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