7 Ways to Wear Jogger Pants Attractively

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Jogger pants are on mainstream right now because it can come from different material and designs. It is easy to find and it’s cheap. You can purchase either online or even from some Instagram accounts. The cheapest I found is around $20.

Jogger Pants is now the latest craze not only for men but for women too. Yes, you heard me right, female models wear jogger pants whenever they are off duty and want to wear something light. They even match it with stilettos (shoes with high heels). So to wear jogger pants attractively, what can a man pair it with? If women can play around with jogger pants, so can we.

Here are the 7 Ways to Wear Jogger Pants Attractively:


jogger pants khaki
photo by: zanerobe.com


1. Jogger Pants with Shirts – Everyone loves to wear shirt for that on the go outfit. This is the most common top it’s often paired with.


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