7 Most Widely Recognized Regrets In Dating


We all have made mistakes during the dating stages of our relationships. Some we have lived to feel sorry about. Based on research, here are the most widely recognized regrets in dating.

7 Most Widely Recognized Regrets In Dating:

first love

1. Many people regret not settling down with their childhood sweetheart or first love in college.

They generally accept that there will be more to fish out there so why settle down? There may be more fish out there however do they really fit your taste and personality? Many people regret this choice but bear in mind that we should not live in the past and that they are there(past) for a reason. Be fair to your present relationship and find the good in them. Having this outlook will contribute a lot in your relationship.

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out of league

2. Regrets of dating an individual with the wrong reasons.

Dating individuals for the wrong reasons always bring disasters. There might be one offs but I am speaking in general term. Many people just date because they want to feel the excitement of having love affairs at work, they are looking for someone to care for them, they want to find someone to have sex with or sometimes simply out of boredom. We should be dating individuals that fit our personality or someone that could bring out the best in us. Wasting your time on the wrong person will only result to break up or worst, cheating.

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love vs career

3. Regret of prioritizing career over love.

In our present day most people in their 20s and 30s always put their careers ahead of their love life. It is not a bad thing but you also have to remember that once you hit 40-ish, you become less attractive. Having a love life doesn’t mean you have to marry the person right away. Learn to balance your career and social life. Use your partner as your source of inspiration to work even harder.

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5. Regrets dating a married/taken person.

Dating a married or taken person guarantees a bad outcome. The relationship will always be about deceit, lies and cheating. The unmarried party will always expect and want more. This is the ultimate root cause of broken homes. We regret our mistakes eventually but why start when you exactly know where it leads.

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6. People regret not ending a bad relationship sooner.

Sometimes we are just hopeful that the other person will change and while taking that risk, we passed out on that one person who can actually turn things around. So if you feel that you are on the wrong relationship, have the courage to end it. Be brave to let that person go. Holding on to the wrong one just delays the right person for us.

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7. Regret of not being a better partner.

Try not to be jackass in your relationship. I read a story of a husband who wants to divorce his wife, the wife agreed on one condition to spend one more month with her and do the things they use to during the early part of their marriage. He fell in love with his wife again only to realize she has terminal cancer. Don’t be too late to change because you might just regret it in the end.

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cheating man

8. Another stupid regret of leaving the person we love.

Why do we do this? Sometimes we are just looking for reasons or maybe we don’t realize how much a person means to us just yet. When we experience problems in the relationship, we often jump into flirting without realizing we hurt the ones we truly love. We lose them with no chance of getting them back.

The end of one relationship is an incredible time to retrospect and rediscover what you truly need. We learn from our own experiences and from which makes us good partners.


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