18 Items Your Girlfriend Wants You To Wear


We all want to look good and be at our best when we go for dates. Often times we just go for what we feel looks good on us. The question is what women want men to wear? They say that a man’s overall fashion statement shows as indicator of his social status and cash flow. Women often say yes to guys who ask them out for coffee if they have the right sense of style. It is time to increase our awareness on what women wants us to wear.

18 Items your Girlfriend wants you to wear:



1. Flannel / Plaid = 27% said that they love seeing guys wearing flannel. Most girls like that casual Friday outfit.

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2. Beanies – Girls love guys who can pull this outfit off.

Bree: “OMG i love guys in a beanie. if you have a fringe leave it down and put the beanie on. super attractive no matter who you are.”


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3. Boots – Girls think men who wear boots are GORGEOUS.

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jeans and jordans



4. Plain Tee with Jordans – Some women just love the classics. Scott Disick of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”never missed to dress up his kid the same way.

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Timberland Shoes

5. Guys wearing Timberland – Women find it very masculine.

Linny L : “Timberlands on guys are hot!”


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vans 2

6. Sneakers – Women love Chucks or Vans.

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Leather Jacket

7. Leather Jacket – some girls said no, some said yes. I guess it all depends on how you wear it and what you match them with.

Sas: “A guy would look nice in a leather jacket especially with them becoming more popular. It makes me think of many of the stylish young male celebrities who look absolutely hot in them. I got to say if they can pull it off then it makes them look way better, but if they can’t then I would probably rather not see it on them.”


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8. Aviator – I think this would look good on anyone.

Jean: “Aviators are my favourite style of sunglasses for guys!
I think they look really hot.”


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theo james divergent in pullover

9. Sweatshirt / Pullover – Women love Divergent’s Theo James(Four).

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10. Cardigan – Preppy look with the neat feel.

Nicole: “Pullover kinda dressy shirts always looks good on guys.”


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button down

11. Button Ups – Women like it when you step up for that semi formal look.

Tess: “Oh my gosh. i think it is beyond the cutest thing a guy can wear. just the fact they tried a little with a button down shirt, and then made it more casual with rolling up the sleeves.
hottest thing a guy can wear, definitely.”

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12. Denim Jacket – Especially if its cold, Yes! denim jackets are in.

Tanya: “Dark denims, I think it would look really cute.”

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shawl collar jacket

13. Shawl Collar Jacket – One of those jackets that will make you look confident and sexy.

Selle: “Definitely! Shawl collar sweaters are really gorgeous!”

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14. Scarf – Especially on winter season. It can add accent to your total outfit.

Sierra: “I love scarves on guys! I think it makes them look fashionable without trying incredibly hard and it just looks nice.”

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suit jeans sneakers

15. Suit and Jeans – If Zac Efron can wear it, so can you.

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boat shoes

16. Boat Shoes – My girlfriend knows how much I love boat shoes. I have lots of them. I used to like Sebago but I’m moving to Sperry’s now. I like their boat shoes with sneakers sole.

Kinsey: “I think personally its cute.”

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photo by: hellofashionblog.com
photo by: hellofashionblog.com

17. Oxfords – Wingtip Oxfords are always sexy. If you want to wear wingtip but still want to look casual. Check out Cole Haan Lunargrand Wingtip below.




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photo by: rebloggy.com
photo by: rebloggy.com

18. Loafers – Ideal for several outfits. Cool yuppie look.

Missy:  “If you need to dress kinda nicely then I’d say they’re the perfect option.”


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