15 Best Summer Look for Men 2015


15 best summer look for men 2015
Summer heat is on. All are busy plotting their escapades. We all love the summer madness. We always look ahead to hitting the waves, sun bathing, island food trips, souvenir shopping and the never ending drinking and party all night. The entire summer getaway wouldn’t be complete without taking pictures and for us to look good before the upload; we need to prep what to wear.

Check out the 15 Best Summer Look for Men 2015:

men summer wear 2015
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Mint Blue Long sleeve + White Shorts + Blue Boat Shoes Style

1. White Shorts – You can never go wrong with wearing whites. Its very light cool and pleasing to the eyes.

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men summer wear 2015
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Black Tank + Aztec Shorts + Converse Chuck Taylor Fashion

2. Shorts with Aztec Prints – As much as possible, we want to play around with prints and styles.

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men fashion summer
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Light Blue Long Sleeve + Peach Shorts + Light Brown Sneakers Outfit

3. Peach Colored Shorts – One of my faves. This is a stand out for me especially if you match it with a good shade of shirt like light blue.

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photo by: hardpin.com
photo by: hardpin.com

Dark Blue Polo Shirt + White Shorts with Sailboat Prints + Black Boat Shoes Beach Wear

4. Shorts with Sailboat Prints – This is perfect for that summer theme. Prints with sailboats are very classy; it’s as if you are boarding a yacht soon.

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floral shorts men
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Denim Chambray Polo + Floral Shorts Summer Wear

5. Floral Shorts – These are beach summer wear trademarks. Only few people can pull this one off.

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summer look for men 2015
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Pink T Shirt + Checkered Shorts for beach style

6. Pink with Plaid prints Shorts – Real men wear pink.

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summer look men


summer look hot men
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7. Stripes top – Black and White stripes tee is really a must for every man’s wardrobe, it can go with smart casual to beach wear.

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summer men style
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8. The Classic white shirt to Khakis – The typical getup.

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men summer 2015
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9. White top over Denim shorts – Another classic. One of the easiest mix and match. I mean who doesn’t own a white shirt and denim shorts?

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summer look mens
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summer men
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10.  Colorful matches (ie Blue and Yellow, Green and Blue) – Playing with different shades and colors. It is summer time. We can wear them.


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summer wear 2015
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11. Long Sleeves to Printed Shorts – Very hot and manly. Ideal wear during party time or at a dinner date at the beach.

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summer wear
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12. Camouflage Shorts – I love camo shorts. It is a definite essential for my wardrobe.

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sporty men fashion
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13. All black wear – People feel slimmer with black. I personally like that shade too. Yes, you can still wear black and look cool and neat.

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summer get up
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14.  Light Shade of Gray – If you want to look light and comfy, gray is the way to go. This is also a good summer get up for dark skin tone.

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summer fashion style for men 2015
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15. Aqua blend – shades of water. Looks cool in the eye.

That completes our 15 Best Summer Look for Men 2015.

If you need more guide how to wear shorts just follow the image below.

shorts guide men
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