12 Reasons Why You Should Buy Denim Tops


One of the cute items you could have is a denim or chambray type shirt. Though denim and chambray look similar, they are different. But for easy reference, I will use denim. They say it is a must-have in every guy’s closet. It’s so versatile that you can match it with different get-ups. I own several ones myself, one dark and one with a light shade.

Aside from it being stylish, it is very affordable. Don’t forget to check out the Denim Top suggestions I have for you at the bottom of this post.

Here are the 12 Reasons Why You Should Buy Denim Tops:

aztec with denim

1. You can wear it with Aztec Prints – if you are having a hard time what to pair with aztec, denim tops / chambray is a good choice.

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snapback with denim

2. Match it with Snapback and still look good. – If you love snapback as much as I do, a denim top is a good buy.

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beanie with denim

3. It can go with Beanies – I have written in the past that beanies is one of those items that girls find hot.

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denim with white

4. Flash Denim top with Whites – It looks rad. If you go to the mall with this outfit, you will be a head turner for sure.

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denim shirt faded

5. Faded Denim Chambray top can make you look hot.

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denim with dark jeans

6. Denim to denim. Light with Dark or Dark with Light.Don’t be scared pairing them. As long as you pair light with dark or vise versa, you are good to go.

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denim men

7. Denim with Tank – Yes. You can easily wrap your denim shirt around your waist when its hot and show off some muscle.

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floral shorts

8. Denim top with Floral Shorts – it is perfect for the summer heat. If you are heading the beach, check out my post for men’s summer beach guide. I have discussed several haircuts for your new summer look.

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camo with denim

9. Sport it with Camo – It can rock your camo shorts or pants.

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colored pants

10. Pair it with any of your brightly colored jeans. Green, Blue, Red what have you!

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denim with bow tie

11. Wear it formal with bowtie. If you’re going to ask me, it is ideal with khaki or brown chinos.

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jogger pants with long sleeves
jogger pants with long sleeves

12. Wear it with Jogger Pants – A lot of guys wear jogger pants these days. If you are one of them, gotta have some denim tops. Also check out the post I wrote how to wear jogger pants attractively.

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zac efron fashion

Denim tops can be worn in any weather. If you are still not convinced, given the 12 reasons I have given you. I am giving this one last bonus. Celebrities like Zac Efron wears one! Buy one for yourself or add more to your collection and see how hot you’re gonna be!

My Denim / Chambray Faves:

101 New York Php 1,199.75
101 New York Php 1,199.75
Chambray Longsleeves Shirt With Pocket Php1100
Chambray Longsleeves Shirt With Pocket Php1100
Mossimo Php1990.00
Mossimo Php1990.00


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