10 Must-Have Shoe Styles For Men


GQ said you can judge a man by his shoes. Well this is very true that’s why I invest with good pairs myself. Our shoes speak a lot about ourselves. Buying several shoes can be quite pricey, but awareness is the key. So what kinds of shoes every guy must own?

I have listed down the 10 Must-Have Shoe Styles for Men:

For the Casual Wear……
photo by: lookbook.nu
photo by: lookbook.nu

1. Sneakers – Every man should definitely have this. It would be great if you can have several for that mix and match outfit for your jeans. Classics would be Chuck Taylor and Vans.

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high tops

2. High Tops – Jogger Pants matches flawlessly with this. You can buy pairs like Jordan 1, Nike Dunk or Nike PR7.

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chukka boots

3. Chukka Boots – Huffingtonpost said suede desert boots look good on EVERYONE. It is Ideal for jeans, chinos or slacks.

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4. Casual boots – Of course when we say casual boots, it is automatic that DMs comes into mind.

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For your Sport…..



5. Running Shoes – If you love running or you just want to pair something with your jogger pants, buy Roshe Run, Airmax or Nike Free.

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For the summer…..

sperry shoes


6. Boat Shoes – This is very good for the hot weather especially in the summer. Perfect for shorts and for that casual get up. My favorite brand has always been Sperry. I love boat shoes because they are comfy and easy to wear (Slip on).

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7. Espadrilles – Another alternative for boat shoes. You can also check out Toms.

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For the Office……

photo by: hellofashionblog.com
photo by: hellofashionblog.com

8. Wingtip Oxfords – Great for corporate look. We use oxfords for business meetings, formal occasions and at work. It’s good to own two pairs, one in brown and one in black.

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monk straps

9. Monk Straps – If you already have tons of oxfords, try buying monk straps for a change.

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10. Loafers (Driving Shoes) – A sleek alternative for sneakers (Nordstrom). It comes in different material such as leather and moccasin.

Checking on your current collection, how many shoe styles do you have so far?


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